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CGDC Shares The Biggest News… Ever!

Oh hey there, Raw Doggies. How are you?

We have some ridiculously exciting news to share with you. But first off, thank you for everyone who has been so supportive of this endeavor! We are having so much fun and can’t wait to bring even more of ourselves to you over the coming weeks, months, years and forever.

And now, for the big news: We are on iTunes!!!! We repeat… iTunes! The master of all podcasts has accepted CGDC as a legitimate podcast. So like it or not, we will be bringing you full length raw doggy episodes, EACH WEEK straight to your mobile devices and into your earballs.

How to find CGDC on iTunes:

Make sure to subscribe to our channel to make sure you receive the freshest updates, content, gifts, affection, flowers, cards, money, and love (or just content).

Not into iTunes?

  • Soundcloud on your browser:

  • The Soundcloud app for iphones is still quirky, so you should download the app “Free Music and Player for SoundCloud” and search “Conscious Girls Drink Champagne”

See you next week!


Cassie and Alycia

#iTunes #CGDC

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